Instructions & Brand Policy

Instructions and special info regarding ADAM&EVE Swimwear:


Don’t wash the swimsuit in the washing machine❗  Wash the swimsuit manually and use only cold water.
Don’t use chlorine or other whitening product when you wash the swimsuit. The swimsuit can lose the colour and deteriorate the crystals and stones applied on the swimsuit.
Don’t sit on abrasive objects because it can hook the swimsuit’s material and scratch the crystals and stones.
Apply the oil based suntan lotions and creams with attention and avoid touching the swimsuit.

SPECIAL INFO regarding refunding or returning/giving back ADAM&EVE Swimwear after delivering to our clients:
ADAM&EVE Swimwear is a luxury brand and all the accessories are manually sewed and applied on each model and they are personalized for each client.
Being considered a lingerie and being personalized for each client, this implies different circumference depending our clients sizes, that’s why ADAM&EVE Swimwear CAN’T ACCEPT money refunding and the swimsuit returning after the checkout has been completed and delivered.
The execution of the personalized swimsuit begins after the checkout has been completed by our clients. ADAM&EVE Swimwear is not a series brand and the swimsuits are not available in stock, already personalized, executed and done.

ADAM&EVE 2-pieces swimsuits (especially the ones with stones and crystals sidewise) are exclusively personalized for each client because it implies different circumference depending on clients hips size.
ADAM&EVE swimsuits don’t fit plus size persons, even if the cup’s size can match our chart size. The total circumference makes the difference, and not the cup’s size.

❗️According to OUG 34/2014, art.16, lit.e, ADAM&EVE Swimwear is reserving the right to NOT ACCEPT back the products or other sizes/models of the purchased products which can’t be returned by their nature, for example lingeries,  swimsuits❗️

Also, we don’t accept returning back the rest of the products we are selling online (accessories or jewels, t-shirts, sunglasses, etc..)

Thanks for understanding.